Beautiful Lean on my pride

Beautiful Lean on my pride 🌻


All through from my first life to my now new and last life that is still slightly spotted with scars, ones which I thought were healed and long gone… YET, here we are again,
holding on to life, living the present through the memories of the past, that are nothing but stories and reference points.
Seems like a new, plain and white page yet spotted with black, red, colourless, “I don’t know what,” though they spell, ‘SCARS.’

Not sure If I just woke up still dying to be myself again,
dying to live my life for me one last time.

First image: shot and edited by me

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Beauty is one of the things I’ve never understood, ’cause how am I s’posed to believe in a ‘you’re damn beautiful,’ compliment that comes with a BUT,
             “but you just need to stop existing too loudly,”  and many other BUTs’
when all I feel is comfortable and confident in my own body,
what I am is damn beautiful without a, “BUT”
….. it’s the confidence in beauty that makes one Soo beautiful.

_Veronicah Omwombo_


World full of smileful faces but rarely real emotions in them.
smile from the heart,
smile genuinely, ’cause it’s one of the rare things these days, not the smile part ’cause smiles aren’t rare, I mean the genuine part, ’cause genuity is rare.


Smile, smile from the heart and do it genuinely, it’s one of the most rare things these days🌼


Dreams and Journeys

Journeys are tiresome, draining and full of doubt giving sense to all the reasons why you sometimes wake up wondering whether it’s really worth the effort and are you even trending towards the dream?
Thing about dreams and journeys is that everyone wants to be part of the dream but not part of the journey,
dreams look so beautiful, everyone has their eyes focused on them forgetting that the most important part of the dream is the journey and the only thing that makes the dream so beautiful is the journey itself.

Journeys, just like dreams most of the time doesn’t makes sense, not even to the ones holding the dream.



Easier it is to seek love, comfort and compassion outside of our own selves,
we cry, we smile, we laugh and act like we love but we’re so empty inside,
we wanna so bad prove to the whole world how happy we are, but, are we?
and if we are, who needs proof?
we blur evey thought that leads to reality,
we crave empty places and spaces nobody checks in on,
we scream, but silently, wondering, what’s really wrong with us!
We struggle to prove how different we are from everyone else not knowing there’s no crime in being like everyone else,
we tell every stranger we meet how private we are and high on one hundred percent keeping our circle small but still, loudly shout to them, “follow me on Instagram,”

you don’t wanna know who’s living under delusions.
Veronicah Omwombo

Valuing friendships

d’Elichkata on valuing friendships.

Are you more yourself or less yourself?
About the daily thought of how you almost lost a dear friendship that meant all walks of this life and another to you.
I know you can give all sorts of excuses just like everyone else does but this is just a stark reminder to always foster friendships that mean the most to you.